15 Oct 2013

New White Paper by Debbie Bowen-Heaton on Demand Management

Demand Management - A sales and marketing process

In the consumer-driven business climate of today, the most successful organisations are those that can meet customer demand, as efficiently and profitably as possible. Even if you are one or more steps removed from the consumer, it is vital their needs and wants run through the bloodline of your entire supply chain.

At the same time, effective demand management and supply chain optimisation hinge on understanding where value is created from the customer’s perspective. By definition, this means demand management must be led and managed by those in your organisation who are closest to the customer and those who have the greatest understanding of what is happening at the point of consumption. Depending on your position in the supply chain, this is typically sales for the former and marketing for the latter. It is critical they work in an integrated way and in every respect, demand management becomes a real sales and marketing process.

Written by Debbie Bowen-Heaton, Oliver Wight Partner

For more information, download your copy today from www.oliverwight-eame.com

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