8 Oct 2009

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7 Oct 2009

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15 Jul 2009

Integrated Business Planning Course

Integrated Business Planning Course

Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) in Practice

Designing and implementing the Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) process

Traditional business models measure and hold executives and managers accountable for achievement of annual plans, which are often underpinned by assumptions that in a fast changing world are no longer relevant. Sales and Operations Planning has been enhanced to match the challenges of the new world.

This course provides a practical understanding for managers, team leaders and project leaders of the role of Integrated Business Planning and its powers to maintain plans across the business that are relevant to changes in the company and its marketplace. It enables them to design the management process for Integrated Business Planning and to understand the supporting processes required to make it robust, and outlines proven methods for successful introduction and management.

This course describes in practical depth the multi-step process of Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP); provides a clear overview of the supporting processes of Product Management, Demand Management, and Supply Management; explains how Integrated Reconciliation is used to develop an ongoing picture of the business and its issues together with proposed resolution in readiness for the Management Business Review; and shows how to set up and manage its introduction as well as management of the ongoing business through this process.

Visit this site : http://www.oliverwight-eame.com/courses/2009/public/393

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Today, at the leading edge of management thinking and practice, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) extends the concepts established by S&OP to all aspects of company planning and execution; from the boardroom to operational levels. IBP can most simply be described as advanced sales and operations planning (S&OP) but integration is what distinguishes IBP from its predecessor and it brings a truly strategic perspective. S&OP was originated by Oliver Wight more than twenty-five years ago and even in its purest form, S&OP has its short-comings in today’s business environment. If S&OP is a process designed for the supply chain to plan the factory (or factories), then IBP is designed for the executive team to plan the entire business - and in a fully integrated way.