23 Apr 2013

This week's event! Integrated Business Planning Innovation Summit

Integrated Business Planning Innovation Summit

25 April 2013 - 26 April 2013 

Oliver Wight is delighted to be returning as Gold Sponsor to the Integrated Business Planning Innovation Summit. 


Managing Uncertainty with Integrated Business Planning

Oliver Wight workshop presented by Andrew Purton, Managing Partner - Oliver Wight EAME LLP.

Andrew Purton
Andrew Purton
Debbie Bowen-Heaton
Debbie Bowen-Heaton
The last five years have seen businesses having to deal with unparalleled levels of uncertainty. The debate continues - when will we come out of recession, and how quickly? The view of many organisations still seems to be that S&OP only "works" in a stable environment and so devote a large amount of time to working around the process. In this session, Andrew will demonstrate how Integrated Business Planning is the key to helping organisations deal effectively with uncertainty and make timely decisions in order to secure a profitable future.

Andrew will also be chairing day two of the summit. He will be joined across the two days by his colleague, Debbie Bowen-Heaton, Partner of Oliver Wight. Delegates will have opportunity to meet with Andrew and Debbie both at the stand and through scheduled 1-2-1 meetings. 

Event Photos

Andrew Purton talking to an attendee

Andrew Purton and Debbie Bowen-Heaton at the Oliver Wight stand


11 Apr 2013

TODAY! Supply Chain Design and Optimization Webinar - Today at 14:15

Have you signed up to listen in on the Supply Chain Design and Optimization Webinar? Attending this webinar is free, all you need to do is register 

Presented by Oliver Wight Partners, Kirsty Braines and Dawn Kynaston

Kirsty Braines, Oliver Wight Partner
Kirsty Braines,
Oliver Wight Partner
Dawn Kynaston, Oliver Wight Partner
Dawn Kynaston,
Oliver Wight Partne

8 Apr 2013

Integrated Business Planning for High Performance Businesses

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Extract from the Oliver Wight Executive Guide

Today, Integrated Business Planning sits at the heart of many organisations as the management process that runs the entire business. 

Integrated Business Planning provides the perfect platform for innovation, creating opportunities for you to drive sales up and costs down. It allows you to allocate resources to the most productive activities and react swiftly to ever-changing market conditions, to meet customer demand in the most efficient and profitable way. 

The real power of Integrated Business Planning is in enabling effective decision-making to control the future direction of your company. It makes the critical link between the strategic plans of your business and current reality, acting as an early warning system for any performance gaps. 

Integrated Business Planning gives your senior executive team an accurate and holistic view of your business over a 24 to 36 month horizon. Unforeseen events can be detected early and addressed with speed and agility through planned actions rather than fire-fighting. Which means you’ll always remain on course to achieve your business goals.

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4 Apr 2013

Listen in on the Supply Chain Design and Optimization Webinar

Supply Chain Design and Optimization Webinar - 11 April 2013

Design for success: How supply chain segmentation, collaboration and optimization can transform performance and value
Presented by Oliver Wight Partners, Kirsty Braines and Dawn Kynaston

Kirsty Braines,
Oliver Wight Partner
Dawn Kynaston,
Oliver Wight Partne
This interactive webinar provides an understanding of why optimization of your supply chain is essential to successfully meet the needs of customers, efficiently and cost-effectively.  It explores how the varying demand for product, service levels and routes to market can be better served through market segmentation and a corresponding realignment of the supply chain.  

Listen in to Kirsty and Dawn at 14:15 GMT+1 to learn how to design and optimize your supply chain structure to bring greater integration up and down the supply chain.

Attending this webinar is free, all you need to do is register

3 Apr 2013

New Event Date added! 23 April 2013

JDA and Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning Workshop - 23 April 2013

The ability to respond to changing market conditions is the key to business success. The Integrated Business Planning and S&OP Workshop will help you understand how to stay ahead of your competition.

Since 2007, businesses have experienced unprecedented levels of market volatility, and this volatility has led to wholesale adoption of Integrated Business Planning practices and S&OP processes. However, many companies are now concluding that management of such an important process is inefficient when relying on Excel, email and Powerpoint. JDA S&OP is designed to specifically address these requirements.
The workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand how to manage the “gap” between the current plan and the annual operating plan.
  • Analyse and view data through multiple lenses and to cope with a regional/global matrix process
  • Administer the S&OP process itself using workflow, exceptions and audit trails
  • Identify performance gaps early to ensure optimal profitability
  • Learn how appropriate aggregation underpins the process of timely decision making
  • Understand the importance of enabling accountability through transparent impact analysis and providing a “corporate memory”
  • Support adoption through familiarity and ease of use

For further information and to register for the workshop click here