21 Feb 2013

New Brochure out today

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Extract from Supply Chain Design and Optimzation -  Outperforming the Competition brochure. 

Oliver Wight Supply Chain Design and Optimization is an integrated market-driven process that helps you to design, plan and manage your supply chain to satisfy customers in the most profitable way.

A proven, practical approach, it takes into account the realities of your existing supply chain footprint but shifts the paradigm from cost containment and reduction, to driving product innovation and speed to market, so you can capture benefits that would otherwise pass you by.
Benchmarking your supply chain performance against your peers as well as best-in-class, Oliver Wight Supply Chain Design and Optimization will allow you to develop a supply plan in line with your business strategy, and build strategic relationships with suppliers and customers, however far up- or down-stream they are. The result is mutual capability and integrated strength and all the benefits that come with it.

Whether yours is a single site organisation or a multi-national, multi-site enterprise, Oliver Wight Supply Chain Design and Optimization means you can build a roadmap for sustained improvement, with clear and measurable milestones along the way. And the results are always spectacular: an optimised supply chain typically improves perfect order ratings by 17%. In an age when consumers are increasingly demanding and less loyal, that is an advantage well worth taking.

"Supply chains that deliver best-in-class service,
do so at half the cost of their peers

Click here to download brochure from www.oliverwight-eame.com

Upcoming Dates for your Diaries


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05 March 2013
Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire 

 Supply Chain Design and Optimization Webinar

11 April 2013

25 April 2013
Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London, UK 

SAPICS 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition

02 June 2013
Sun City, Johannesburg, South Africa

15th Annual Europe Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

25 June 2013
Berlin, Germany 

17 October 2013
Berlin, Germany 

18 Feb 2013

20 questions you should ask about Integrated Business Planning - Part 1

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An Executive Guide to Integrated Business Planning
 (Part 1)

What is Integrated Business Planning (IBP)?
What are the principle goals of IBP?
What are the biggest challenges implementing IBP?
Who in the organisation owns the IBP process?
How is the success of IBP measured?
Is IBP only suitable for organisations of a certain size or level of planning sophistication?
What are the key factors to consider in establishing a successful IBP process?
How does the monthly IBP review process work?
How do you decide which information is critical to the IBP process?
How do you make sure data for IBP is clean, accurate and current?

11 Feb 2013

Supply Chain Design & Optimization - Building Supply Chain Relationships

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Extract from the Wight Paper.

With continued economic uncertainty and increasing global competition, the customer remains king. Whilst money may be tight, there seems no let up in consumer demand for superior service, increased value and competitive price. Inevitably, this brings ever-greater pressure for efficiency gains and performance improvement. The health of an organisation depends more than ever on its ability to successfully meet the needs of its customers. In today's business environment, this cannot be achieved merely through internal business improvement; it is dependent on optimisation of the entire supply chain.

6 Feb 2013

Live from LogiCon

Great reception at LogiCon - 6th February 2012

Oliver Wight Partner, Kirsty Braines, presenting "Why Supply Chain Excellence is now Business Critical".

5 Feb 2013

Oliver Wight are sponsors of LogiCon


Oliver Wight at LogiCon 2013

 05 - 07 February 2013



This week Oliver Wight is sponsoring LogiCon - the Supply Chain Management Conference for Retail & FMCG.

Workshop: Wednesday 6th February, 09:45
Oliver Wight Partner, Kirsty Braines, will be presenting why Supply Chain Excellence is now Business Critical. Kirsty will explore end-to-end supply chain thinking with a clear focus on delivering supply chain excellence. The workshop will challenge you to think:

  • Where are you taking your supply chain?
  • Where do you best connect with your customers?

Kirsty will be joined by Andy Walker, Partner of Oliver Wight. Delegates can meet Kirsty and Andy at the stand, during networking breaks, and via scheduled 1-2-1 meetings.

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4 Feb 2013

New Oliver Wight EAME Workshop Brochure - 2013 Dates


Oliver Wight Workshop Brochure 2013More than ever, the health of an organisation depends on its ability to successfully meet the needs of customers. As demand for superior service, greater value and competitive pricing increases, businesses have to optimize performance not only within their own four walls, but up and down the supply chain too. In the headlong rush for improvement, companies often launch in to tackling processes and the corresponding tools with enthusiasm and vigour, but overlook the importance of people and behaviours. This is why we’ve developed a suite of educational workshops, designed with you and your people at the centre.

Building on popular workshops from previous years, our 2013 programme is packed with the latest thought-leading methodology and practice, and industry insight. With refreshed content and a renewed focus, you will find old favourites updated for today’s business environment, alongside the introduction of some exciting new workshops.

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