29 Jul 2013

Workshop Bundles from Oliver Wight EAME LLP

Workshop Programme

As of today, 29th July 2013, you can save 33% off your next workshop booking.

Workshop Bundles - save 33% off
Workshop Bundles
Are you looking to expand your knowledge to achieve your goals? 
Our workshop bundles will help you tailor an education programme at discounted rates.

Oliver Wight education workshops are designed to give your executive and general management teams an insight into each of the core processes supporting the Integrated Business Planning model (Product and Portfolio; Demand and Supply; and Integrated Business Optimization), as well as an introduction to Supply Chain Optimization and the overall Integrated Business Planning process itself.

To achieve a full understanding of the overall process it is crucial you also have a detailed understanding of the supporting processes, and it is likely you will want to attend two, three or more Oliver Wight workshops.

So to help you make the most of your education programme, you are able to buy Oliver Wight Workshop Bundles at a discounted rate - when you buy an Oliver Wight workshop at the full price, you’ll receive 33% off any other workshop booked within six months.
We have two suites of education designed to equip you with the breadth and depth of knowledge you need to ensure your Oliver Wight programme is a success.

We have two suites of education designed to equip you with this broader knowledge.
Integrated Business Planning: Overview, Product & Portfolio, Demand & Supply, Integrated Business Optmization and
Supply Chain Optimization: Supply Planning, Demand Management.

You can use the discount for any of our seven public workshops, giving you complete flexibility in tailoring a programme to meet your specific business goals.
Obviously there are a few terms and conditions, and you can read these here
Click here to download our Workshop Programme or click here to view our Workshop Descriptions.

Bundles are available for the following workshops:
To book a Workshop Bundle email lisa.bolton-depimentel@oliverwight-eame.com or call +44 (0)1452 397213, referencing Workshop Bundles.

11 Jul 2013

Oliver Wight Thought leaders for new ITN Productions channel

Watch our video here!

E-book and hardcopy version out now! The Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning

E-book available click here to purchase.  Paperback availble from www.oliverwight-eame.com

Moving from Fundamental Demand and Supply Balancing to Strategic Management.
George E. Palmatier with Colleen Crum
(Hardback, 29 April 2013)
Two industry experts break down the steps involved in improving the bottom line through adopting Integrated Business Planning in this new book released by Oliver Wight.
Every once in a while, something comes along that makes life a little easier, even if it will take some hard work first. For Jack Baxter, president of the fictional Global Products and Services Inc., that something is a process known as Integrated Business Planning. This new book follows the theoretical executive as he considers the business advantages of transforming Sales and Operations Planning into Integrated Business Planning, launching the process to improve the bottom line of his company.

The Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning by way of a story, covers the steps executives consider when evaluating changing their way of doing business. Starting with the proposition and first step, and continuing through such stages as getting a consensus on the basics and implementing the process, the authors use Baxter’s experiences at his multi-divisional company as a lens through which real-life executives can imagine the process playing out at their companies. Baxter’s first goal is to convince Mark Ryan to help head up the new initiative, working with an outside consulting firm. As he and Mark work with the consultant, they learn more about the advantages of integrated business plans such as increased revenue growth, improved inventory numbers, and even higher customer satisfaction.

Drawing on the principles of the Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence, the authors reveal, through Global Products and Services, the thought processes and steps that would be taken at any real-life company committed to improving its business. The book explores both positive aspects and potential issues, allowing executives to imagine how their own company might adopt these practices to bring about equally supercharged results.

9 Jul 2013

New book - An Executive's Guide to Achieving Class A Business Excellence - E-book and softcopy version out now!

E-book  available click here to purchase. Paperback availble from www.oliverwight-eame.com

Executives – and aspiring executives – face challenges with increased regulations and aggressive competition, as well as economic pressures. Increased costs of running a business, poor customer service, mismanaged inventories, and weak management processes are just some of those challenges. This new book provides perspectives on how to address those challenges utilizing the transformation capabilities of some of Oliver Wight's most experienced coaches and educators.

This change management book, "An Executive's Guide to Achieving Class A Business Excellence," presents an explanation of improvement and change management processes which lead to increased sales revenue, improved cash flow, reduced costs, increased return on assets, and increased customer satisfaction. These robust integrated management processes allow business professionals to meet the demands of both customers and shareholders. This short (75 pages) guide offers answers to questions executives ask. The authors detail key principles on the path to Class A Business Excellence. They also describe some of the benefits of achieving Class A status, such as the ability of the executive team to focus on and execute their strategic plan, enhanced predictability and sustainability of results, and people working as natural, cross-functional teams.

Skillfully integrating people, processes, and tools can dramatically impact a business, but the people portion of the equation is the most important to arriving at the desired result, the authors write. In addition, gaining the support of senior executives to commit to the journey to Class A business excellence is the key predictor of success since the executives serve as both decision makers and role models for the rest of the company, driving change from the top. Based on thousands of discussions with executives, the queries posed in this question-and-answer format book aim to inspire others to learn more about the concepts behind Class A and the never-ending journey to strive for excellence.

This guide for executives accompanies the authors' much more detailed book, "Achieving Class A Business Excellence," written for team members and executives involved in the actual implementation of Class A Business Excellence.

5 Jul 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility

Oliver Wight believe in achieving a sustainable future performance and that's why we recognise the importance of creating a sustainable future within the community.

Riding for Disabled National Championships
For the second year running Oliver Wight are proud to be sponsoring the RDA National Championships on 12th – 14th July 2013.

The RDA is a UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of people through education, therapy and fun.  The charity is reliant on voluntary help, donations and legacies to deliver its services and the Oliver Wight Team are excited to be a part of contributing to, and volunteering at, this inspirational event.

For further information on the RDA click here

The Edward's Trust
The Edward's Trust supports children and families during serious illness and bereavement. For a number of years Oliver Wight have been supporting the Trust by sponsoring the annual Golf Day.  This year's event was held on 17th June and we are delighted to have been involved in the fundraising of what was yet another successful day for the Trust. 

Edward's Trust


To learn more about the The Edward's Trust click here